100 Days of Writing: Introduction

The other day, I was sorting through my room to make things tidy and to organise my craft items. While in the process of this, I decided to sort out a blanket box that was taking up too much room. When I opened the box, inside was a treasure trove of memorabilia that I hadn’t seen in at least three years – when my Son was born.

Besides a few random items of craft tools, (that I chose to biff due to not needing to use them in the past three years or more) there were piles upon piles of notebooks. I knew they were there, but I hadn’t gone through them in quite sometime. Cleaning put aside, I picked up the first books and I was instantly immersed in the different worlds I had created so many years ago.


Throughout the notebooks were a collection of short stories I wrote on the train while I traveled to and from work, a smattering of different story ideas and plots and of course my fantasy series “Dragon Princess”.

After flicking through the pages, and being taken back into Ellie’s world – I knew now was the time for me to finally finish putting her story together. Sitting on the floor in my room, I collected the books, and sorted them into three piles: Notebooks, Journal’s and Yearly Diaries. As I sat there looking at the piles of books, I realised that I had my work cut out for me. Because I remembered why I had kept putting it off again and again. My notes, especially for Ellie’s story were scattered among so many books, and any piece of paper that I could get my hands on when a part of the story popped into my head. Within the pages of each notebook and diary were shopping lists, post-it notes and briefing sheets from the time I worked as an usher for THE EDGE. Much of my writing during that time was done during many three hour musical shows while I was on door. I have The Phantom of the opera, Mamamia and Avenue Q to thank for my vast amount of notes and ideas that flew through my mind while I was sitting in a lost forgotten corner at The Civic.

So, what was I to do with all these notes that were taking up room in a blanket box in their own forgotten corner? I sat there almost in tears remembering my dreams of becoming a writer and for Ellie’s story to be completed, published and shared throughout the world (or at least among my friends and family to enjoy). There had been so much stuff happen to me, that her story just kept getting swept under the rug. It was then I made the decision.

I began Ellie’s story when I was 12 years old. Now, almost 20 years later and a whole lot more life experience behind me – I am going to finish it! I packed the piles of books away into a new box that would be in my way everyday until I finished the book. (well, the first one anyway) I looked online to see if there was a project planner for me, and came across a wall chart and journal set that said “100 Days Planner”.

100 Days of Writing was born.


The collection of notebooks with Ellie’s Story

I won’t know until I get the book, how I am going to plan it out. But it will be a few weeks before I receive it. Until then, I have decided to do a little bit of prep-work and organise my stack of books that have notes in them for them to be ready and waiting when I begin my 100 days. This is not apart of the international Project “100 Days”. I might do that next year in May 2018 when I know what I plan to do for that. But THIS project of mine, I have decided that I will write Ellie’s story as it was meant to be written, as it has been in my head and apart of me for 2/3 of my life. It is time to let Ellie out into the world – and see if others love her as much as I do.

There it is. My challenge. My personal challenge. Ellie has been with me for very long time, and although I am scared, I know she needs to be set free. To my small amount of readers… I hope you can share my writing journey with me. I think I will need all the support I can get!

Until next time…



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