How To: Organise your wardrobe

  1. Wake up – it’s Kindy day today!
  2. Get Threenager ready for Kindy
  3. Drop Threenager off at Kindy with no fuss
  4. Come home and sit down for a coffee with Trusty Grandpa
  5. Organise a shopping list and meal plan for the week
  6. Clean appliances, bench tops and cupboard doors
  7. Call Dr’s for an appointment (this cough is not going away!)
  8. Go into bedroom and clear pile of clothes and other things blocking the wardrobe (Hubby just got a whole lot of very nice clothes given to him, so of course that’s where you store it)
  9. Put clothes on the bed for sorting later
  10. Wardrobe doors are now clear
  11. Hear the door bell ring
  12. Find a package containing the carousel wardrobe organiser that was ordered for Threenager’s room
  13. Ditch own wardrobe and focus on Threenager’s (swap hanging shelves in their wardrobe to the carousel one)
  14. Finish Threenager’s wardrobe and head back to own wardrobe
  15. Fish out all the clothes that haven’t worn in past year (I use the hanger method – once a year/season, face hangers opposite direction to you, then as you wear them, you flick the hanger around. This way you can see which clothes you have worn)
  16. Throw the unus  e     d clothes onto the bed for later sorting
  17. Pull out all the s pare coat hangers (find 30)
  18. Organise clothes in wardrobe to style and season (the clothes I will most likely need in the next few month at the front so it’s easier to find)
  19. Hang up hanging shelves and put shoes and collection of hats in (clearing the floor in the wardrobe)
  20. Vacuum floor
  21. Break for lunch and get a phone call from Kindy – Threenager is running a high temp and needs to be picked up
  22. Pick up Threenager from Kindy and take home
  23. Retake temp and give Pamol to Threenager
  24. Call Dr and make new appointment for self tomorrow, Threenager can have the one booked for today
  25. Go to Dr, get told Threenager needs to stay off Kindy for a few days
  26. Go home, leave room to itself until Threenager is in bed
  27. An hour before own bedtime, finish cleaning up and organising the wardrobe, clear the bed
  28. End up with four bags – two for the hospice shop and two to load on trademe
  29. Pat self on the back and get ready for bed
  30. Check on Threenager and find they have broken a fever
  31. Change Threenagers pjs and put in own bed while Hubby comforts him
  32. Change the sheets on Threenager’s bed
  33. Heat up rice-bag for Threenager for them to cuddle
  34. Walk back into own room to transfer Threenager into their bed
  35. Find both Hubby and Threenager fast asleep, snoring away
  36. Decide to sleep in Threenager’s bed instead
  37. Have the best nights sleep in ages!

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