How To: Decide to have a mental health day after a Maximum morning

Didn’t sleep well last night. I dub thee a mental health day.

  1. Get minimal amount of sleep due to head cold/chest infection (must go back to the Dr. tomorrow for antibiotics)
  2. Wake up at 3am and don’t get back to sleep until Hubby leaves for work at 5am
  3. Threenager comes in and decides that it is time the “Lets see how much mess I can make before Mum fully wakes up and realises I am here” game
  4. Hear drawers opening and a little bit of giggling and Threenager talking to themselves (probably deciding on which room to wreak havoc on next)
  5. Sit up in bed to have a better look of the room and discover: Dressing Table items are scattered on the floor, all the drawers are open and Threenager is in the middle of emptying the drawers out
  6. Decide it’s not worth getting too wound up as Kindy day today and should be able to take time to clean it all up
  7. Say Hello to Threenager and call them over for morning cuddles
  8. Have a cuddle for 5 minutes and fall asleep
  9. Wake up to Threenager playing Train with Monkey, all the lights are now on (How on earth did he reach the main light??? he’s way too short and there is nothing for him to climb on)
  10. Realise that they used the superhero wrapping paper roll to switch the main light on (this is now unrolled over the floor – looks like his cousin will be receiving avon garde style gift wrap)
  11. Turn to Threenager to point out the mess they have made – receive a “BLAAAAAAAAH!!!!!” in the face from inner cardboard tube of said gift wrap.
  12. Look at Threenager and debate on creative ways to use the inner tube… receive a brilliant smile and a “Hello Mum! Wake up, Kindy Day”
  13. Throw self back down onto the pillow with a groan and say “Yes, I know – But wait until the birds start singing”
  14. Alarm clock with singing birds tone goes off
  15. Scowl at singing birds
  16. Turn back to Threenager and receive a knee to the eye as they are climbing over my face to get to the phone
  17. Threenager gives me phone, to which I just look at it stupidly – and far too long for their liking
  18. Get a book thrown in my face off my bedside table Oh, Good Morning Emily Writes, Rants in the Dark you say? Game on – I’ll have a coffee date with you after Kindy drop off
  19. Just as I have registered the book, in my hands I then have my dressing gown thrown in my face and the covers pulled off me “Up Mum!”
  20. Start to drag myself out of the bed, have THREE roll on deodorants plopped on my tummy (OMFG they are COLD!)
  21. Discover Threenager has also been in the bathroom (How on earth have a managed to sleep through all of this????)
  22. Mentally bang head against brick wall and tell self off – you’re on Mum duty, no sleeping in when you’re sick – this IS your work… Aww, stuff it.
  23. Hobble into the kitchen, make breakfast and coffee, blow nasty green gunk out of nose, throw tissue away (yup, def need to go back to the dr for those antibiotics)
  24. Turn telly on to find Fresh beat band of spies on (Scooby Doo rip off anyone?)
  25. Allow Threenager to watch that while changing him and getting him dressed for the day
  26. Feed and water Threenager and self
  27. Trusty Grandpa is finally up, ask them to put Threenagers shoes on while I get dressed
  28. Start to walk out the door, Threenager has lost Monkey
  29. Ask Trusty Grandpa to put Threenager in the car
  30. Retrieve Monkey from behind the bed with extender arm (was given this by ACC – BEST. THING. EVER.)
  31. Finally get into the car, drive to Kindy
  32. Car starts shuddering, lights start flashing (Prey that we get to Kindy so that I can drop Threenager off and focus on the car
  33. Park car and drop Threenager off at Kindy
  34. Get back to car and pop the bonnet up
  35. Establish that the oil level is fine, water level is perfect, and the car battery is connected correctly… looks to be the spark plugs
  36. Man in people mover drives past and backs up asking me if I want some help
  37. Tell him what I believe it is, and know how much it’s going to cost (dude must be a mechanic as he was defending the prices that the mechanics have to charge etc)
  38. Manage to get the car started and home safely
  39. Call Hubby and make game plan on repairs and Kindy pick up (looks like I will be walking if Car is not fixed by then)
  40. Walk inside take one look at mess, sit down with coffee, computer and Rants in the Dark, Today is going to be a mental health day.

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