How To: Dust your Head Board

It’s been a fair bit busy and hectic here in our house hold… Practically June was a write off due to colds, chest infections, random hospital visits and impromptu sleep overs for the Max. So much has happened in the past month or so since I wrote my last post, I honestly don’t think I can catch up with it all!

My Scrapbooking calendar (that I have to update monthly) is stuck on May and I am seriously considering, just crossing “May” out  and writing “July” with the correct dates just to I can attempt to keep track of my life again. I have thank you cards that I have been wanting to write, Max’s baby book I want/need to update and not to mention so much housework I need to catch up on. I finally started getting over my chest infection only to wake up with a raw throat as the beginning of another cold. *sigh*

ANYWAY, enough mumblings about being sick and being behind in housework. Quick catch up about Max – He is now there big 3, going to Kindy three days a week (which in theory will allow me to have a better schedule for housekeeping, write some more, scrapbooking and have some time for myself – so far only been able to do the first) Due to  the awesome little changes that have been going on here now that he is in Kindy for longer – he’s growing so fast! – I now promote him from “Toddler” to “Threenager” (to help stop confusion on future posts) So, what has this Threenager been up to today? See below for todays list.

How To: Dust your Head Board

  1. Threenager comes in for early morning cuddles
  2. Cuddle for a little bit until the birds outside start singing (we have a rule about not getting up for the day until the birds are singing – I have an alarm on my phone that sounds like birds singing, but I’m happy to get up when the natural birds sing, as at least it’s not too early)
  3. Threenager turns on the bedside light and picks Monkey up
  4. Threenager then calls out “Monkey Train Mum!”
  5. Move pillow down so that my hair and head is not stepped on (learnt this the hard way)
  6. Toddler then spends next half hour or so sweeping Monkey back and forth across the top of the headboard calling out “Choo Choo Monkey, Choo Choo!” (just enough time for me to wake up for the day and do my morning stretches)
  7. Headboard is now dusted… just need to shake out Monkey and vacuum…

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