How To: Get your Husband to wax your legs

Yes, you read that right. I asked my Husband to wax my legs for me. Before I start the list and tell you how it went, let me just tell you a few things that lead up to this… oh, not so wise decision…

I have recently had an operation in my stomach and pelvic area that has limited my movement, therefore making it practically impossible for me to bend in all the different ways required for me to shave my legs successfully.

In the past, I have tried waxing my legs but always found it messy, sore and ineffective (I think a lot of it had to do with I just didn’t know how to use the product properly, so I opted to shave my legs instead)

Today however, I looked at my hairy legs and thought “enough it enough!” being summer, I was so sick of having to wear jeans to cover my legs (I know, I know – in this day and age you shouldn’t be worried about it, but I like to have nicely shaved legs when I wear shorts or a skirt) So, I went out and decided to buy some waxing strips from the local supermarket, here is where todays list starts…

  1. Get to supermarket and look at the different selections of wax strips
  2. Decide to try a “New” product (Nads Exfoliating Body Wax Strips)
  3. Get home and ask Hubby to help with the waxing process
  4. Hubby gives me the “Are you crazy?!” look
  5. Assure Hubby that I am happy for him to do it, and that I will not be angry at him (no matter what happens)
  6. Hubby still looks doubtful, but agrees with an “Ok….”
  7. Open packet of wax strips and read instructions
  8. These are exfoliating wax strips, so us the exfoliating side on legs before applying (check)
  9. Put the first two strips on and wait for Hubby to come back into the room (and for the wax to cool down)
  10. Hubby comes back in, still looking quite doubtful “Are you sure you want to do this?”
  11. Assure Hubby that I do…
  12. Hubby then rips the first one off
  13. Scream and yelp and crack up laughing (did not think that it would hurt THAT much)
  14. Inspect the wax strip (it worked! took off a fair amount of hair, Yay!)
  15. Inspect leg – still a little bit of hair left in the area, decide to tidy it up later with tweezers
  16. Husband applies the next few strips
  17. Toddler decides to come investigate
  18. Toddler watches his Daddy rips more strips off and cracks up laughing at my reaction (both Hubby and Toddler are enjoying this way too much!)
  19. Start getting light headed from the pain (oh, didn’t you know? I’m such a woose!)
  20. Hubby, after removing more wax strips sees how I’m coping and tells me that I’m better off just shaving my legs
  21. Tell Hubby that he can continue, decide to read the instructions again – spot a “warning” section I hadn’t seen before… It says not to apply to any area that has veracious veins. (I have them on both legs since pregnancy, predominately on my left, so I can’t wax those sections and will have to shave there anyway)
  22. Hubby takes off the rest of the wax strips (in total we used 6)
  23. Decide to finish up shaving legs instead – better to stick with what you know
  24. Spend next hour sitting on a chair in the bathroom finishing up my legs, knowing that for the next little while I will have very patchy legs – at least I don’t look like a warewolf now!

To finish this up, I think to the right person (someone who waxes their legs as apposed to shaving them) this product will work very well… so I decided to give them away on a local pay it forward group. Hoping this will brighten someone else day – that has a higher pain tolerance then me!


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