How To: Try the new “Black Mask” Trend


  1. Do copious amounts of surveys online to earn enough points for a fishpond voucher
  2. Buy black mask
  3. Wait a few days excitedly
  4. Finally gets here
  5. Decide to put the mask on and try it out
  6. First, tie hair back
  7. Wash face
  8. Then, get vaseline and apply to eyebrows and hairline
  9. Get black mask from the kitchen (where I had opened the courier bag and left it)
  10. Come back to the bathroom and find Toddler cleaning their teeth – toothpaste everywhere
  11. Clean up toothpaste – let Toddler keep toothbrush so they can brush their teeth some more
  12. Put on black mask, put a thin layer over cheeks and forehead, but a thicker layer over chin and nose area (as that is my problem area)
  13. Take a photo of the mask on
  14. Toddler has a huge grin on their face “Mum! FACE!”
  15. Put the black mask back in the kitchen, so it is out of reach of Toddler
  16. Come back to bathroom to find Toddler has played with the toothpaste some more
  17. Clean up mess and sit down for 20 minutes…
  18. Check face and see that there are still a few spots that need to dry, so wait another 10 minutes
  19. Peel off the mask, expecting a lot of pain and tears
  20. Mask seems to be similar to the other peel off masks
  21. Have mixed feelings of disappointment and joy – it didn’t work as well as was expecting, but it did make skin feel nice and didn’t leave any redness. I give this product a 7/10.




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