How To: Spend an Hour


Last night, I wasn’t feeling very well.  So I went to bed early, leaving Hubby and Trusty Grandpa to put Toddler to bed. I managed to get a good sleep for the first time in ages, Toddler came in for a cuddle just after Hubby left for work and we slept in until 9am! This left us 45 minutes to get up, get dressed and have breakfast before we left for his haircut at 10am. We got there with time to spare, so instead of waiting at the hair dressers, I decided to get a coffee for me, and fluffy for Toddler to help him keep still while he had a hair cut. I also had a toy for him to play with to keep him busy. Below is the list of what happened in the hour from the moment we walked out the door to when we got home. Hope you enjoy our eventful hour!

  1. Walk out the door and Toddler decides that we need to take his bucket with chalk, Toy Hoe and Toy Spade with us. 
  2. Toddler puts the bucket in the boot of the car.
  3. Put Toddler in car, and drive to the hair dresser
  4. Get to HairDresser’s 10 minutes early – decide to get coffee and fluffy for Toddler while waiting for hair cut
  5. Walk into coffee shop and order a coffee for me and a fluffy for Toddler
  6. While waiting for them to be made, Toddler decides to sit down at a table and play with his toy.
  7. Two Ladies come in and start talking to Toddler and about how cute and well behaved is for waiting at the table for the coffee
  8. One of the ladies picks up a “Coffee News” paper from the rack at the counter
  9. Toddler decides they want one too
  10. Toddler grabs ahold of the papers and brings the whole pile crashing down to the floor
  11. Toddler says “Uh oh! Mess!” 
  12. Help Toddler pick up the papers
  13. The two ladies coo about how cute and helpful Toddler is
  14. Toddler decides to explore the rest of the cafe opening cupboards and trying to get to the cakes and slices behind the glass
  15. Ladies giggle and mention something about the terrible 2’s 
  16. Smile back, collect Toddler, Toddler’s toy, drinks and make our way out the door and back to the hairdresser 
  17. Get into the hairdresser and put drinks down
  18. Toddler sits on the couch and wants their fluffy
  19. Explain to Toddler that it’s time to get their haircut and that they need to sit in the hairdressing chair (the hairdresser has put a booster seat up there for him so he can look in the mirror while it’s getting done)
  20. Toddler arches back and refuses to sit in the seat
  21. Chase Toddler around the room for a bit with him zooming round like an airplane and laughing his head off (amusing the other ladies and hairdressers)
  22. Catch Toddler and ask them what chair they want to sit in (there are three empty ones to choose from)
  23. He chooses a chair and we sit him in it
  24. Hairdresser moves all her equipment to the new chair and starts to cut his hair
  25. Toddler decides that they don’t want to sit there now and chooses another chair
  26. Finally start the haircut with Toddler sitting on my lap, holding a spray bottle and a comb in each hand
  27. Almost at the end of the haircut, Toddler has had enough and jumps down off my lap
  28. End up finishing the haircut with Toddler playing in the washing up sink and the hairdressing tidying up around the ears while he’s distracted
  29. Strip t-shirt off Toddler and shake out over pile of hair
  30. Toddler opens the door and runs outside
  31. Run after Toddler and catch them before they run through the carpark
  32. Kneel down to Toddler and give them a hug 
  33. Pull Toddler away and tell them “Don’t run away like that! You gave Mummy a fright!” Point out the cars that have now come into the car park “They cannot see you, if you ran over there they would have hit you and Mummy and Daddy would be very sad”
  34. Toddler looks at the cars and nods “Ok Mum” (not sure if he really got it, but realises that I was scared)
  35. Come back in and pay for hair appointment
  36. Get in the car and drive home
  37. On way home pass a camper van and see that there is a couple sitting there looking at the map (they are parked in a dodgy part in the area so pull over and ask them if they would like some help)
  38. Explain to American Couple where they want to go for food shop and then show (just at the end of the road) and then show them on the map where the campsite is that they want to go)
  39. Drive off and leave them too it
  40. Stop at the train tracks as the barriers are down
  41. Toddler: Go Mum, GO!
  42. Me: I’ve got to stop, because there is a train coming *point out the flashing lights*
  43. Toddler: A train?! Yay! Choo Choo!
  44. Me: Yes, a train *Passenger train goes past and Toddler has a huge frown and confused look on his face*
  45. Toddler: Mum. No, NOT Choo Choo Train
  46. He then starts to call Daddy on his “palm phone” and tells him “It was NOT a Choo Choo Train Daddy!”
  47. Have a giggle and get home
  48. Toddler wants to get bucket out of the boot
  49. Open boot
  50. Toddler runs off with the bucket to the backyard
  51. Catch up to Toddler (who is still shirtless) and find them trying to dig out the cactus plant (we had a few people over yesterday taking clippings off the prickly pear and Toddler wanted to help them)
  52. Knowing that either me or Toddler would get prickles if I try to pick him up I call out that he needs to have a shirt, hat and sunscreen on if he wants to play outside
  53. Sigh in relief as it works
  54. Walk back inside and notice that we’ve only been out of the house for an hour

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