How To: Shave your legs

The Struggle is real!  I had thought when I was busy with work in my 20’s I had found it hard to get my legs shaved – there is no comparison when you have a baby or Toddler! Please enjoy today’s list, brought to you by me, freshly sitting with semi shaved legs on this hot muggy day in Auckland…

  1. Have a variety of pain and illness issues that limit your ability to shave your legs on a regular basis
  2. Have a Toddler (or baby)
  3. While Toddler is watching Team Umizoomi, decide to take the opportunity to shave legs
  4. Fill basin up with hot water
  5. Collect flannel
  6. Collect shaving cream and razor
  7. Start shaving legs
  8. Get one leg done (up to the knee, cause lets face it, can’t currently bend that way to do a proper job of the upper thigh – and besides, don’t wear anything higher then knee-length these days)
  9. Toddler comes in to investigate
  10. Toddler climbs on side of the bath and decides to put his bath toys into the now hairy water of the basin
  11. Try to stop Toddler, but put more effort into not letting them to drink the water then playing with it…
  12. Give Toddler the flannel to play with and that keeps them occupied enough to finish the other leg
  13. Decide to have a shower with Toddler since they are there
  14. Hop in the shower and Toddler wants to be lifted up
  15. Pick Toddler up and dance and sing in the shower
  16. Hop out of the shower when finished and give Toddler toothbrush to clean teeth
  17. Put Towel on Toddler and start drying self
  18. Toddler hears Trusty Grandpa out in the lounge and decides they want to go see them
  19. Toddler opens door WIDE open while I’m still trying to dry myself
  20. Thank goodness that Trusty Grandpa wasn’t in sight as that would have been a slightly awkward situation… 😐
  21. Finish dressing and walk out the bathroom with freshly shaved legs (this was actually a fairly easy time compared to others I’ve had to deal with!)

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