How To: Put on a Raincoat

This morning my house was a mess. It was. I had laundry all over the place, thanks to the Toddler having heaps of fun flying it around (probably thinking he was a twister) His toys were also all over the floor – so it was covered in a mixture of Duplo, Toy Cars, Trains and Train Tracks! Oh and we still had last nights dinner dishes and this mornings breakfast dishes on the bench waiting to be washed…

All of this was because I was so absorbed in calling places and arranging things that had to be sorted before my surgery. I spent a fair amount of that time on hold, to which I used the time to vacuum behind the bed and practicing my vocal skills by singing along to the different tunes they had for the hold music. Throughout the morning, I was on the phone to WINZ – They like Brooke Frazer for their hold music, Spark – who chose 60’s boy bands for theirs and many other agencies to find out what I might be eligible for post surgery for help in looking after the Toddler (nothing really BTW as because I am going private, I don’t qualify…)

Anyway… because I had spent most of the morning on the phone and on the odd moment making sure Toddler was fed, I not only forgot to feed myself and tidy the house  – I also forgot to keep an eye on the time. By the time I had finished my final phone call, I was running late for my Physio appointment.

I only had 10 minutes (if that) to get ready and leave. I quickly locked the house up, got dressed (yes, it was one of THOSE days) helped the Toddler put on his shoes and packed a bag full of toys to help keep them occupied while I was using the machines and doing my stretches.

I managed to get there in time, but it was raining and I had forgotten my raincoat – but never fear! I had the Toddler’s ready for him.

Below is how we managed to put his rain coat on and what happened in my physio appointment, enjoy!

  1. Pull up at the Physio’s
  2. Manage to park in the sole parking spare (score! It has been raining all day, and it’s usually go another car in it)
  3. Get out the car and set up pram
  4. Realise that own raincoat is NOT in the boot of the car like you had thought
  5. Decide to hurry and get inside as quickly as possible
  6. Put Toddler in pram and pick up their rain coat to put on
  7. A big down pour starts and it is a 2 minute walk inside
  8. Flip the roof of the pram up and fling the hood of Toddlers face (like a coat rack) and take off at speed to get out of the rain
  9. It takes about 2 minutes to get inside, but which time I am drenched
  10. Walk in the door and flip roof of pram back to find Toddler with his rain coast still over his face!
  11. Crack up laughing and take rain coat off
  12. Toddler puts it back on over his face – we then start a game of peek a boo
  13. Eventually Toddler tires of the game and wants to get out of the pram
  14. Physio appointment begins
  15. Open Toddler’s toy bag and let him play with the items
  16. Sit on exercise bike and this time manage to do 6 minutes (last time it was 3!)
  17. While on the exercise bike, Toddler inspects every piece of equipment in the room
  18. Toddler then wants a turn on the bike
  19. Each piece of equipment I use from there on, Toddler then copies each action “My Turn!”
  20. At the end while we sit down to discuss the plan post surgery, Toddler decides they are thirsty – they remember that they saw a water cooler in the waiting room
  21. Toddler goes into the waiting room and pours water into a cup
  22. Toddler sits quietly in a chair for a moment drinking the water then gets an idea
  23. Toddler decides that both Mummy and the Physio need a drink too!
  24. Toddler fills up two cups and gives one to each of us
  25. Finish the appointment and strap Toddler into the pram to go home
  26. While walking past the waiting room see that Toddler has emptied the WHOLE water cooler all over the table and floor…
  27. Point out mess to the Physio and offer to clean it up
  28. Physio assures me that she has boys of her own, so she knows what it is like and I have enough on my plate
  29. Feel somewhat guilty, but also relieved that I don’t have to clean up the mess
  30. Walk out the door into the rain again and have a giggle at Toddler putting his rain coat on again (Yup, over his head :-P)

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