How To: Lose your massage ball…


  1. Go to the Physio for ongoing issues with my back
  2. Physio suggests getting a tennis ball for helping with massaging the hip area to help with pain
  3. Go to Kmart and buy one bigger then normal tennis ball and a swiss/excercise ball
  4. Leave both balls in the boot of the car for a 2 weeks
  5. Open the boot one day to retrieve something else and Toddler spots the tennis ball
  6. Toddler gets very excited
  7. Give Toddler tennis ball and tell them to take it inside
  8. Toddler hogs the ball for the rest of the day and even goes to bed with it
  9. When checking on Toddler later that night, nab tennis ball back
  10. Use tennis ball for the massaging purposes I originally bought it for
  11. Put it on the kitchen table
  12. Next morning, Toddler gets up and asks “My ball! Where’s MY ball?”
  13. Hand ball back to Toddler and tell them “It’s an inside ball Bud, it’s not to go outside” (as don’t want to get dirt on it or it to get wet)
  14. Toddler says “Thank you Mum!” with a beautiful grin and carries the ball around for most of the morning
  15. Toddler then decides to put the ball into the soaking bucket in the laundry (which has his soiled undies from the day before)
  16. Pick ball up from the bucket and put it into the washing machine for washing later as can not use the ball while it’s wet
  17. Both Toddler and I have now lost the ball… me to him, and him to the washing machine… for now…




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