How To: Have morphine induced dreams

For those that do not know, I have recently been in hospital for an operation. The first night I was pretty out of it, due to the general aneasetic. But the second night in, I was given Morphine based pain killers and they messed with my dreams HEAPS! So, below are the following dreams I had on this particular pain pill… hope you have a giggle like I did the next morning!

  1. First up, the Troll from Dora the Explorer singing “You’ve gotta Toll” – with Dora singing back up vocals. 
  2. Got woken up by the blood pressure trolley rattling down through the ward and it was interpreted in my dream as someone trying to break down the back door
  3. Jennifer Anniston dressed up in a fairy princess dress telling me that she’s my supplier… my pillow supplier!
  4. Then I went swimming with Dory
  5. Toddler some how turned up asking me for monkey, then when I dropped it, it turned into skittles and baked beans and then started popping into popcorn 
  6. The Popcorn from before turned into a zebra with Donkeys voice from Shrek
  7. Had a dream about trying to find miniature models of the Titanic- aparently there is a set and it is very nice
  8. The new yellow flea repellent carpet is now the in thing (had earlier in the day been discussing how to get rid of fleas in the carpet with MIL)
  9. Don’t know what I had dreamt,  but at one point I woke up with a desperate need for the milk in the fridge!
  10. Popcorn, nonstop coffee maker is the new “in thing”
  11. Don’t know why donuts don’t grow on trees, but they make a nice wall decorations
  12. New coloured chalk needs to be grated into sand before we leave (didn’t know where were were going in the dream, but it was important to grate this damn chalk!)
  13. I was in a lift with a lawyer on our way to the courtroom to prosecute someone
  14. Back in high school now and trying to book a meeting with my dean at Massey… glad I woke up when I did- I hated that school!
  15. Singing with SIA and for once I can sing! (Because I have her magic wig!)

Hope you managed to have a giggle – eventually I will write an account on how it is to recover from surgery when you have a Toddler and Hubby and Trusty Grandpa looking after said Toddler… but still having moments of exhaustion and unable to focus long enough to really write it all down! For now, enjoy the above!


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