How To: Have a Meltdown over a toy in the shop


  1. Pop into Whitcouls to get some magic dots and have a look round
  2. Toddler spots “Rubble” (a toy he has at home from PawPatrol)
  3. Toddler chanting happily “Rubble! Mum! LOOK! Rubble!”
  4. See what he is pointing to and reply “Yes! It’s Rubble! Just like your one at home”
  5. Toddler “There he is!”
  6. Me: “Yes! There it is!”
  7. Start walking away
  8. Toddler gets upset and calls “Rubble! MUM! MINE! MY RUBBLE!” (Warning! Warning!)
  9. Kneel down to Toddlers level and say “Yes, he looks like your Rubble, but that is the Shops Rubble – yours is at home” (there is only one on the shelf, usually if he see’s things like this he realises that they are the “Shops Toys”)
  10. Toddler shakes his head and points “NO! There, he’s there!”
  11. Try to explain again (Danger, Danger!)
  12. Toddler not buying it, as he looks exactly like his Rubble and there is only one so it must be his
  13. (Meltdown in 3…2…1…) Toddler starts screaming for Rubble and is generally upset that we are leaving Rubble behind
  14. Decide to change tactics “Well, look at that! You’re right! He’s here!”
  15. Wave to Rubble and say to him “Hi Rubble! What are you doing here?”
  16. Pause as if you are listening to what he is saying
  17. Say “Ah! I see.”
  18. Turn back to Toddler and tell them “Rubble decided to come and do a bit of shopping, he’ll meet us at home”
  19. Toddler still upset, but waves bye to Rubble
  20. Get out of shop and Toddler still wants to go back in and get Rubble “Go back Mum! Rubble in there!”
  21. Sigh and say to Toddler “Well, maybe we’ll beat him home? Shall we see if we can get home first?”
  22. Toddler still a bit teary, but says “Yeah!” (probably not really convinced that he’ll be at home)
  23. Get in car and go home
  24. When at home, leave Toddler in car while closing side gate and quickly pop inside to collect his Rubble (knew exactly where it was)
  25. Pop Rubble on the back doorstep for Toddler to find
  26. Let Toddler out of car and watch in amusement while they run to the back door, spot Rubble and get really excited
  27. Spend next hour or so listening to Toddler talk to Rubble about him being at the shop while we were there too and how he didn’t want to leave him behind, but Mum said we’d meet him back at home and here he is! (That’s what I was able to translate, I’m sure there were a few choice words thrown in there about me forcing him to leave Rubble at the shop…)




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