How To: Give yourself a Haircut


  1. Ring up the Hair Dresser to book appointment for Toddler (it’s way over due)
  2. Toddler hears me say “Hair Cut”
  3. Toddler then runs into Trusty Grandpa’s room yelling “Hair Cut! Hair Cut! Hair Cut!”
  4. Quickly finish phone call and follow Toddler
  5. Find Toddler standing on Trusty Grandpa’s desk chair with a pair of scissors in one hand and a fist full of hair in the other…
  6. Extract scissors from Toddler (place higher then before – they were up very high out of reach for Toddler before, so not even sure HOW they got to them)
  7. Collect Hair off Toddler and put in zip lock bag – label to say it was their first self hair cut
  8. Say “Oh No! You cut your hair! Only hair dressers do that!” and usher Toddler out of Grandpa’s room
  9. Try to book hair cut for today instead – nothing available
  10. Look at Toddlers hair and on closer inspection, see that it’s not too noticeable, so will be ok for a few days…

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