How To: Get the Toddler to sleep (on a hot muggy night)

I could honestly sit here and write a LONG lengthly account of how last night went with the Toddler, but OMG no. Firstly I am not in the mood to write every single piece of struggle that went down, but I am so sure that reliving it will be very traumatic for me… and I’d like to have a good day today!

So, I will put up a few things that went down, how we got him to sleep and a cute little snippet of me reading him a book, enjoy!

  1. Put Toddler to bed a little later then usual because he had a nap during the day
  2. Only put Toddler in pj pants as it’s hot and muggy
  3. Read Toddler a story, or two or three
  4. Daddy comes in for cuddles and family time, listening to the story too
  5. Toddler picks up his shorts and wants to show Daddy how he can put his own shorts on
  6. Toddler puts shorts over his pj pants
  7. Daddy goes to get up and hurts himself (do not need to talk about this, as this would entail another post and I’m sure Hubby would prefer I don’t put it up. Lets just say that because of this, we had to remove Toddler from the room to hang out with Trusty Grandpa while I assisted Hubby and made sure he was ok…)
  8. Manage to remove shorts off Toddler – put him back to bed
  9. Spend quite a long amount of time getting him settled again as he is very excited from what happened to Daddy and it’s still very hot and muggy so heaps of tossing and turning
  10. Finally get Toddler settled at 11pmish by making a bed for him on the floor (honestly can’t remember the time he finally settled, but I spent an hour or so having some “me” time in the lounge afterwards and didn’t get to bed until about 1am…)

How To: Read a train book

  1. Read a book called “Red Train”
  2. Point to a few things in the book and count the items in the book (each page has a different colour train and counts from 1-10 animals and carriages)
  3. Also to count is the number of puffs of steam coming out of of the steam trains funnel
  4. Ask Toddler what he thinks it is (expecting him to say “clouds’)
  5. Toddler looks at the drawings of steam puffs for a bit and comes out with “Hmmm…. Popcorn”
  6. Sit there smiling, amused that Toddler thinks that Trains run on popcorn 😛

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