How To: Explain a Shaddow

Toddler has seen his own shadow and tried to chase it before, but not really been too interested in it or seem to really understand it. Today was the first time I think he really understood the concept of a shadow…

So how did it happen?

  1. We were in the car driving home
  2. Toddler calls out “Mum! Help!” in a slightly worried voice
  3. Pull the car over and look at Toddler
  4. See that Toddler is looking wide-eyed at his arms and legs
  5. Realise that they are worried about the pattern of the shadow from the rear window on them
  6. Say “It’s a shadow darling, just like when you walk around and your shadow follows you”
  7. Toddler is still looking at checkered pattern shadow on his arms and legs
  8. Toddler starts to try shaking it off
  9. Toddler tries to pick it off
  10. See that he is getting upset about the shadows not going away
  11. Try explaining again “It’s ok, it won’t hurt you. It’s a shadow from the back window – look up!”
  12. Toddler looks up at the back window for a few moments and then back at his hands
  13. Toddler moves his hands back and forth looking at the window and to his hands again
  14. See it click in his little head how this who shadow thing works
  15. Receive lovely smiles and a “Wow Mum!”
  16. Start the car again and carry on home

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