How To: Enjoy your first day at Kindy

  1. Have a little bit of broken sleep – end up making pillow bed for Toddler on the floor next to own bed
  2. Wake up and tell Toddler we need to get up and get ready as it’s Kindy day today!
  3. Give Toddler breakfast and have own breakfast
  4. Trusty Grandpa looks after Toddler while I have a shower
  5. Finish getting ready and get Toddler dressed
  6. Give Toddler their bag and they chant/sing “Kindy! Kindly! Kindly!” all the way to the car and on the drive to Kindy
  7. Get to Kindy, get Toddler out of the car
  8. Toddler practically drags me to the Kindy door
  9. Open Door for Toddler and Toddler runs in singing “Kindy! Kindy! Kindly!” (with his bag still on his back
  10. Toddler runs up to a little girl, who is sitting on a chair and says “Kindy! Hi! Kindy!”
  11. Take bag off Toddler and look for head teacher
  12. Find head teacher and have a chat and tour of Kindy while Toddler zooms round and looks at everything
  13. Fill out paperwork and hold back while teachers direct Toddler
  14. Toddler and another kid start arguing over a toy, one of the teachers lets them sort it out between them for a little bit then goes to talk to them
  15. On the way over, the teacher trips over a toy and falls on her knees
  16. Teacher quickly composes herself and sorts out the two toddlers, helps them share the toy
  17. Check to see if teacher is ok – she is – help her pick up the toys and continue to fill out paperwork
  18. Look up from forms in time to see Toddler running to the toilets holding a corn on the cob toy
  19. Stand up and follow them… look through the window and watch as Toddler starts playing with the toilet (including putting their hand in the toilet bowl (ew!)
  20. Teacher comes to stand beside me – ask teacher if I should sort him out or…?
  21. Teacher reassures me she’s got it
  22. She walks in, asks Toddler if they need to go to the toilet
  23. Toddler says “Yes, Toilet” and continues to play with the toilet, cleaning it etc
  24. Teacher gets the toilet seat sorted, helps Toddler pull down their pants and pops him onto the toilet
  25. Try very hard not to piss self laughing – the look on Toddlers face is classic!
  26. Toddler is sitting on the toilet looking confused on how he got there
  27. Teacher helps other kid with the toilet, all the while Toddler is sitting there waiting patiently
  28. Toddler doesn’t go to the toilet, but waits for teacher to help him, then washes his hands and goes back to play (still don’t know what he did with the corn cob…)
  29. Finish filling in the paperwork and hand to the office lady
  30. Have a chat with the head teacher and ask what she thinks I should do as Toddler seems quite content
  31. Head teacher advises that I could stay or go out for a coffee and see how Toddler is after
  32. Walk up to Toddler to ask how they are going
  33. Toddler turns to me and says “Bye Mum! You go, I stay!”
  34. Feel just a little bit unwanted and lost
  35. Leave… and go next door for a coffee
  36. Enjoy coffee and chocolate brownie – mull over unexpected free time… (was expecting to stay the whole time)
  37. Go home and head back to Kindy at 1pm (Toddler was there alone from 11.30-1pm)
  38. While at home, do a spot of housework and have lunch
  39. When at Kindy, ask head teacher how it went – he took a while to notice I was gone, but then self distracted after he realised I was gone. The only issue they had was with Mat time, as he wanted to play – they didn’t stress the issue, so they gave him Monkey (who was in his bag) and let him play quietly.
  40. When it’s time to go home, Toddler doesn’t want to leave!
  41. Decide to leave them alone for a little longer next week and see how it goes…

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