How To: Dress yourself


I am SO proud! My little boy hit a huge milestone today – he practically dressed himself with only a little assistance from me! Here is how it went:

  1. Spend most of the morning trying to get Toddler dressed
  2. After a while of doing this change tactics
  3. Ask Toddler if they can show me how to take off their PJ Top
  4. Toddler smiles, undoes all the buttons and takes off his top
  5. Ask Toddler to show me how to do take his nappy off
  6. Toddler stands there and looks down at this nappy and after finding the tabs, removes it
  7. Ask Toddler if they want to wear undies or a nappy today
  8. Toddler chooses a nappy
  9. Hand Toddler fresh nappy
  10. Toddler lies down with legs up and says “Mum, Nappy on please!”
  11. Praise Toddler for their good manners and assist them putting the nappy on
  12. Hand Toddler a t-shirt and ask them to show me how they put a t-shirt on
  13. Toddler say “T-shirt” and opens the t-shirt up from the bottom, puts it over his head and his right arm in the right hole
  14. Toddler then tries to put his left arm in, but t-shirt is a little twisted
  15. Toddler says “Mum, Help!”
  16. Smile and untwist t-shirt and praise Toddler for asking for help when they need it
  17. Toddler then puts his left arm through the hole and sits down
  18. Hand Toddler his shorts, and he puts a leg in each hole
  19. Help Toddler stand up
  20. Toddler pulls his pants up the front, but needs a little help getting the back part over his bum
  21. Toddler smiles and says “Thank you Mum!”
  22. Smile back and reply “You’re welcome Darling!”
  23. Toddler then picks up the ties of his shorts and tries to tie a bow
  24. After a little bit of struggling, he turns to me and says “Bow Mum!”
  25. Show Toddler how to tie a boy (the two loops into a knot method)
  26. Toddler watches the whole time with wide eyes
  27. Toddler then sits down and puts his jandals on the wrong feet
  28. Toddler looks at his feet and says “Help Mum! Wrong?”
  29. Show Toddler my feet in Jandals and ask Toddler what is different to his jandals and mine
  30. Toddler looks at my jandals then at his and says “Wrong Foot!”
  31. Help Toddler take their jandals off
  32. Toddler puts jandals onto correct feet and stands up “Come on Mum!”
  33. Give Toddler a HUGE Hug and a couple of high fives and say “Yay! I’m so proud of you! You dressed yourself today”
  34. Toddler grins and replies “Yes Mum!” and walks out the room

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