How To: Use your imagination!

Max has now reached the age that he uses his imagination during play heaps! So, anything that he uses his imagination for that I find amusing – or the different things he comes up with for one object I will list here for logging purposes and enjoyment 🙂

Table and Chair set

I recently bought a table and chair set (one of those that you flip the table over and it can become a high chair also) and even though we’ve only had it for a short span of time, he has been obsessed with it! This list of if the many things he has used his chair and table set for:

  1. Flipped the table over and used it as a piano
  2. Sat with two pencils and used the table top as a drum
  3. Lay under the table with his pocket knife tool kit and called out “I Fix!”
  4. Flipped over the table and asked to have a blanket over the top of it, so he could use it as a fort (five minutes later, I caught him climbing on top of the blanket and told him not to do that as he could hurt himself. He gave me a cheeky monkey grin, went to sit on it and promptly fell through the blanket into the bottom of the table)
  5. Flipped it over and tried to put the chair in the holes (I helped him, but it was upside down and not the hight of a high chair) He then pushed it up the other end of the hall, sat in the chair and said “Mum, PUSH!” While pointing down the hallway (of course I pushed him on it like a sled, he LOVED IT)


This is beginning to become a problem and I believe I will soon have to find him his own oven as he has started opening up our oven and putting things in it!

  • Pull out the pots and pans and I have found the following in the pots:
    • A packet of peas
    • A packet of corn
    • Bread crumbs
    • Rice
  • I have found the following in the oven where he has said to me “I cook!”
    • A muffin
    • A Banana
    • An Apple
  • He also likes to make us tea. I’ve got him a tea set for Christmas that I hope he will enjoy!

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