How To: Ruin a nice family moment (but still end it in laughter)


  1. Toddler goes into their room after dinner
  2. Hear them chatting away to themselves
  3. Walk down to investigate
  4. Toddler is reading his books to Monkey
  5. Toddler then decides that he wants to look out his window – so he hops up on his bed and stands on the window sill
  6. Stand behind Toddler for safety and ask him what he’s up to
  7. Toddler chatters away and points to everything he see’s out the window “Mummy’s car – Blue”, “Grandpa’s Car – Red”, “Daddy’s um…. not his car”
  8. Toddler then spots the cat “Darcy! DARCE! Hello Darcy!”
  9. Toddler then spots a plane (and so on an so forth talking about the different things he sees)
  10. Toddler then looks at me and says “Mum?” with a serious expression
  11. Reply “Yes Darling?”
  12. Toddler points to his bed “You bed – Read Story”
  13. Push the bed up to the window sill under Toddler
  14. Lay down on the bed as instructed and pick up nearest book
  15. Hold the book up to Toddler and ask them what book it is
  16. Toddler yells out “CRANKY!”
  17. Start reading Cranky
  18. Halfway through, Toddler comes down off the window sill and gives me a hug “Enough now”
  19. Toddler gets back up on the window sill and continues to chatter away
  20. Hubby comes in and gives me a hug
  21. Start having a little chat together while watching Toddler
  22. Chat away with Toddler with Hubby’s head on my stomach…
  23. I feel a sudden urge to fart
  24. Before I can warn Hubby – out it comes
  25. Close eyes momentarily in embarrassment
  26. Open eyes and Hubby has shot out the room so fast leaving self and Toddler alone together
  27. Realise that he also closed the door
  28. Crack up laughing at his reaction
  29. Toddler looks at the door and says “Uh oh…”
  30. Toddler looks at me and says “Oh no!”
  31. Laugh so hard at Hubby’s and Toddler’s reaction that tears are streaming down my face
  32. Toddler then hides under his bed
  33. Laugh even harder and have trouble breathing
  34. Run out the room after Hubby, laughing and crying
  35. Tell him Toddlers reaction through fits of laughter
  36. More laughter between the both of us
  37. Hear giggling from Toddlers room
  38. Walk back into room and finish hanging out with Toddler before bedtime




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