How To: Put a Nappy in the Rubbish Bin


  1. Change nappy
  2. Put new nappy on
  3. Ask Toddler to put used nappy in the rubbish bin
  4. Toddler hops off the bed and picks up nappy with one hand, and grabs hold of my finger with the other
  5. Toddler says “Come on Mum”
  6. Toddler walks me from his bedroom to the back door
  7. Toddler asks for the back door to be opened
  8. Open back door and follow Toddler outside
  9. Toddler walks to their dump truck (which he had parked at the back door last night before coming inside)
  10. Toddler puts nappy in the dump truck (sitting it next to his gardening tools)
  11. Toddler then pushes dump truck to the rubbish bins at the back of the shed
  12. Toddler stops the dump truck next to the rubbish bins and opens one
  13. Toddler picks up a spade and a rake from his dump truck and uses the tools to pick the nappy up and put it back into the bin
  14. Toddler closes bin, nods his head (for a job well done) and pushes his truck to the back door, calling over his shoulder “Come on Mum”
  15. Follow Toddler, while laughing to self about Toddler cute way of putting his nappy in the rubbish bin

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