How To: Play with the Christmas Train around the tree


  1. Toddler climbs up on table and tries to collect the controller for the Christmas train
  2. Ask Toddler to get down
  3. Remind Toddler they have to ask Daddy nicely if they can play with the train
  4. Toddler runs up to Daddy and cups his hands around his mouth “TRAIN! TRAIN! TRAAAAAIIIIINNNNNNN! Please?”
  5. Daddy smiles and says yes, you need to get the grey controller
  6. Tell Toddler that they need to get the controller that is the same colour as their grey shirt
  7. Toddler gets the blue controller off the table
  8. Take blue controller off Toddler and hold both that and the grey one up
  9. Ask Toddler what controller is the same colour as their shirt
  10. Toddler points to the blue one “That one”
  11. Tell Toddler the blue one is broken
  12. Toddler thinks for a bit and then points at the grey controller “That one, Use”
  13. Laugh and give to Toddler to use
  14. Toddler take controller and plugs everything in (with help from Mum and Dad)
  15. Toddler watches with WIDE eyes as the train goes round and round the Christmas tree shouting “Train! Look! Train!”




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