How To: Have a Toddler say sorry (without prompting!)


  1. Get home from a long day out
  2. Toddler wants a milk in his sippy cup
  3. Pour milk into cup and give to Toddler (they take it into the lounge)
  4. Pour own drink and follow Toddler, asking them if they want a biscuit
  5. Find Toddler pouring half the milk from his sippy cup onto the carpet (it’s one of those Avent learn to sip cups, you can’t spill it unless you push the top down)
  6. Take sippy cup off Toddler and put on bench
  7. Tell Toddler off for being silly
  8. Start to clean mess up
  9. Give cloth to Toddler to finish cleaning up the mess
  10. Toddler finishes cleaning and comes back and says “Sorry Mum” (first time he’s ever said it without being asked to!)
  11. Kneel down next to Toddler and tell them “Thank you so much for saying sorry, I am so proud of you”
  12. Give Toddler a hug
  13. Sit down with Toddler, give them back their sippy cup and a biscuit for afternoon tea




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