How To: Feed a Toddler Breakfast


  1. Toddler comes in at 7.30am (yay! mini sleep in)
  2. Toddler pulls off sheets “Up Mum!”
  3. Get up and realise that Trusty Grandpa is already up and having breakfast
  4. Trusty Grandpa see’s Toddler and puts more cereal into his own bowl (Toddler likes to sit on his knee and eat out of Grandpa’s bowl even when he has his own breakfast)
  5. Toddler doesn’t want to do that today
  6. Toddler picks up Monkey and takes himself back off to bed
  7. Follow Toddler and find him all tucked up in bed sucking his thumb
  8. Walk up to Toddler and check forehead – feels normal “You not feeling well bud?”
  9. Toddler nods and says “Milk!”
  10. Go and get some milk sorted for him, give to Toddler and say “Ok, when you’re finished, Grandpa and I are out in the lounge, you can come out if you want to and I’ll give you some breakfast”
  11. Toddler spends about a half hour drinking milk and having a rest
  12. Toddler comes out and asks for breakfast (just sat down with own breakfast)
  13. Get up and put cereal into a bowl for Toddler (Grandpa has finished his own breakfast by now)
  14. Toddler sits down at his little table
  15. Put bowl down for Toddler with spoon
  16. Toddler eats a little bit and decides he wants some of my breakfast
  17. Toddler pushes table out, which makes the bowl slide off the top
  18. Amazingly – the bowl lands right way up, no spills!
  19. Stand up to retrieve bowl
  20. Toddler pushes table out more and it topples over
  21. Table falls down onto of bowl – flipping it into the air
  22. Give own breakfast to Toddler while cleaning up spilled cereal




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