How To: Decorate a Christmas Tree with a Toddler


  1. Hubby sets up tree while Toddler having their lunch
  2. Help Hubby bring decorations down from the loft
  3. Decide on Red and gold decorations for the theme (as from next year onwards for a while there will be no chance of a theme!)
  4. Toddler is released from their high chair
  5. Toddler picks up “apple” Christmas decoration and takes a bite out of it
  6. Take remainder of decoration off Toddler and throw away
  7. Continue decorating tree
  8. Toddler pulls down  one decoration for every two you put up
  9. Toddler wants to play with the train track (there is on surrounding the tree)
  10. Hubby pulls out Thomas, Annie and Clarabelle and turns it on for Toddler
  11. Toddler has a go at driving Thomas
  12. Hubby turns Thomas off and puts away after a good play
  13. Toddler decides to crawl under the tree and pop up behind it
  14. Toddler starts batting at the Christmas decorations (who needs a cat!)
  15. Remove Toddler from behind the tree and tell them to leave the decorations alone
  16. Repeat steps  8-15 until Christmas tree is taken down



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