How To: Watch “Gilmore Girls – A year in the life”


  1. Spend most of the year (along with every other Gilmore Girls fanatic) counting down the months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds until November 25th
  2. The week of the big event, plan a BIG day for self and Toddler – Playgroup, Playdate and Botanical Gardens for a run round to burn of any extra energy
  3. Wake up the morning of the event
  4. It is raining – Botanical Gardens now out
  5. Toddler wakes up late – Playgroup now out
  6. Toddler sneezes (has woken up with a cold) – Play date gone
  7. While having breakfast, try to decide how to keep Toddler busy
  8. Decide to do a little bit of an outing with Toddler
  9. Come home and feed Toddler dinner
  10. Give Toddler cold medicine (Kiwi Herb De-Stuff) and Pamol because they have a bit of a fever
  11. Toddler falls asleep in donut around 7pm
  12. Transfer Toddler to bed
  13. Sit down and tune into Netflix
  14. Realise that even though it’s the 25th November in New Zealand, it may not be in USA
  15. Check Google for time zone difference – it’s the 25th in some places in the states and not in others
  16. Face palm – of course they have NINE different time zones
  17. Moan about having to wait even more longer on Facebook
  18. A lovely WONDERFUL friend shares a link that says it starts at 9pm in New Zealand
  19. Get very excited
  20. Sit down and read book for a while
  21. 9pm comes – WINTER time!!!!
  22. Get halfway through Winter and Toddler wakes up
  23. Put computer aside and comfort Toddler
  24. Give bottle and sit with Toddler for a little while until they are asleep again
  25. Finish Winter and get 20 minutes into SPRING
  26. Toddler wakes up again
  27. Put computer aside and check on Toddler
  28. Check Toddler’s temperature – slightly raised
  29. Give Toddler Pamol and sit with them until they are asleep again
  30. Watch Spring for another 20 minutes or so
  31. Toddler wakes up
  32. Toddler unable to be settled
  33. Get Toddler up for some cuddles
  34. Abandon idea of being able to watch Gilmore Girls (for now)
  35. After cuddles on the couch, another bottle of milk and copious amounts of Paw Patrol, Dora, Bubble Guppies and Fireman Sam – Toddler finally falls asleep at Midnight
  36. Transfer Toddler to bed
  37. Sit down to finish watching Spring
  38. Hubby comes home from night out – wants to use the computer
  39. Comply and have a chat with them about their day and evening out
  40. Hubby goes to bed
  41. Sit down and spend next few quiet hours watching the rest of Spring then onto SUMMER and FALL
  42. Enjoy the whole experience
  43. As the credits roll for Fall, sit for a few moments in a daze thinking about all the wonderful one liners
  44. Remember that even though you’d LOVE to share them (and the last four words) and discuss in detail with friends – There are still friends and other people in the world who may not see the series for a while
  45. Look at the time and realise that it’s 4.45am
  46. Check on Toddler (they’re fine, sleeping comfortably)
  47. Head to bed
  48. Toddler comes into bedroom at 6am
  49. Have sleepy cuddles with Toddler
  50. Get overheated between Toddler and Hubby
  51. Get up out of bed, cover Toddler up (who is now sleeping happily on your side of the bed)
  52. Stumble half asleep to Toddler’s bed – flop in and fall asleep
  53. Get woken up by Hubby saying bye at 8am
  54. Hubby says to go back to sleep as Toddler is still sleeping
  55. Start to go back to sleep, but Toddler wakes up as front and side gate are closed by Hubby
  56. Get up and stumble to bedroom and get Toddler up
  57. Feed Toddler breakfast
  58. Make own breakfast and HEAPS of Coffee – Where oh where is my coffee in an IV???
  59. Spend most of the morning feeling like a zombie and wondering if going to be able to cope with the day
  60. Remind self that all this was self inflicted and would probably do it all again (so worth it!)



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