How To: Wash the car with the Toddler’s “Help”


  1. Decide to wash the car (as it is a very sunny hot day)
  2. Dress Toddler in their togs
  3. Pull out their tub and turn on their little hose for them to fill
  4. Got get the big hose and turn on
  5. Use big hose to rinse the dirt off both cars (decide to wash Trusty Grandpa’s car too)
  6. Decide that while hose is on, might as well rinse the slide and playground to get off any bird poo
  7. Watch Toddler filling up tub
  8. Rinse cars some more and attach cleaning brush to hose
  9. Look back at Toddler to catch them walking toward the back door…
  10. Run to the tap and turn it off
  11. Walk back up to Toddler and find that they have stuck the hose through the car door
  12. Tell Toddler they don’t need to put water inside
  13. Remove the hose and open the door
  14. Find a decent sized puddle  just in the door way
  15. Mop up puddle and put towel down so don’t slip on the semi wet floor
  16. Leave back door open to help dry up the floor
  17. Wash cars while Toddler plays with his water
  18. Keep eye on Toddler and catch them with their watering can trying to water the towel in the doorway
  19. Get bucket and brush and fill with carwash solution
  20. To Toddlers joy, forget to change the setting on the hose before filling up the bucket
  21. BUBBLES everywhere
  22. Watch as Toddler plays with the bubbles
  23. Uses remainder of bubbles to wash rest of cars
  24. Rinse the cars and go inside for lunch




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