How To: Take a Toddler Christmas Shopping


  1. Look for a present at the garden centre
  2. Before going in, go to get pram out of boot and find out that the pram is not there
  3. Go get Toddler out of the car
  4. Tell Toddler “Now, we are going to go into the garden centre and find something for a christmas present, you can help me find it”
  5. Discribe item to Toddler and ask them to hold hands
  6. Get to the garden centre door and see that there are many things at Toddlers eye height
  7. Stop Toddler and say “Hand in your pocket please”
  8. Toddler puts their hand in their pocket (and still holds on to my hand)
  9. Go in and look around garden centre – find what we want, but not exactly what we are looking for
  10. Leave garden centre and tell Toddler how proud I am for how well they held my hand and put their other hand in their pocket
  11. Hop back into car and tell Toddler we’re now going to get Daddy’s Christmas Present from him, then we’ll need to buy rubbish bags from mitre 10 (Toddler excited about this as there is a playground at mitre 10)
  12. Go into shop and buy Hubby’s present
  13. Walk back to car to put present in boot
  14. Toddler puts present on head on the walk there and then puts it in the boot themselves
  15. Close boot and walk to mitre 10
  16. Toddler wants to go in through the trade door (near where the wood is sold)
  17. Walk in trade door and while there price doweling (Need to get some for Toddler’s Tent that Wonderful Granny made for his Christmas Present – I forgot the measurements didn’t I?)
  18. Toddler spots a Toddler Trolley
  19. Toddler lets go of hand and gets trolley
  20. Hold onto the parent handle of trolley to help steer
  21. Toddler wants to go through garden centre part of mitre 10 to get to the playground (the long way round)
  22. Toddler pushes trolley up and around all of the garden centre
  23. Toddler gets to the playground and parks the trolley
  24. Toddler jumps into the ride on train and plays on the for a little bit
  25. More kids go into the playground
  26. Toddler follows the kids around
  27. Sit and watch Toddler play follow the leader with the other kids
  28. Toddler has had enough and wants to go home
  29. Remind Toddler we need to get some rubbish bags
  30. Toddler nods and grabs to trolley
  31. Walk along (more like follow) next to Toddler
  32. Toddler Decides to go down all the aisles between us and the checkouts
  33. Toddler on a mission
  34. Follow along with Toddler
  35. Toddler stops in the cleaning aisle (brooms, mops etc)
  36. Toddler stands in front of the brush and shovel sets (all the colours of the rainbow!)
  37. Toddler puts on hand on hip and other on his chin
  38. Toddler looks at the brush and shovel sets and goes “Hmmmm, that one”
  39. Toddler picks the YELLOW set and puts into his trolley
  40. Toddler says “Come on Mum!”
  41. Follow Toddler through the rest of the store watching as he tries to get things off the shelf and put into his Trolley this included: Bath mats, Dehumidifiers, brochures, boxes and even the plugs of the kitchen sink displays (I’m sure he would have tried taking the kitchen sink if they weren’t attached to the wall!)
  42. Go to the check out and pay for items
  43. Help Toddler put Trolley back and go home




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