How To: Put Vegemite on a Cruskit


  1. Give Toddler cocopops and raisins for breakfast
  2. Toddler eats half
  3. Toddler goes into pantry
  4. Toddler steps onto his box
  5. Toddler picks up vegemite
  6. Toddler walks around kitchen with vegemite tucked under his arm
  7. Ask Toddler if they would like the vegemite on some toast
  8. Toddler says “No, no toast”
  9. As Toddler if they would like it on a sandwich
  10. Toddler says “No, no sa-wedge”
  11. Ask Toddler if they would like it on a cruskit
  12. Toddler says “Yeah!”
  13. Take a cruskit out and give to Toddler to hold while getting out knife and plate
  14. Toddler takes a bite of cruskit
  15. Ask Toddler if they would like to put some vegemite on the cruskit
  16. Toddler looks at the vegemite (that is still tucked under his arm) and the crosscut
  17. Instead of handing me the crosscut and vegemite Toddler hold one in each hand and looks at them
  18. Toddler then pushes the cruskit into the vegemite jar
  19. Cruskit snaps
  20. Toddler then proceeds to try pushing the cruskit into the side of the vegemite jar until there are only crumbs left
  21. While Toddler is doing this, giggle to self and collect more cruskits
  22. Butter the cruskits and ask Toddler for vegemite
  23. Put vegemite on and give to Toddler
  24. Sweep up the crumbs of the original cruskit off the floor
  25. Toddler eats half the cruskits
  26. Toddler then goes to Grandpa and climbs up onto his lap
  27. Toddler helps Grandpa finish his breakfast (cereal)




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