How To: Make a seat out of practically anything

This is a list of different things my Toddler has found to use as a seat, I am sure that I have forgotten a few, but I will add to this as I remember and as it occurs đŸ˜›

  1. The potato bin in the pantry (it’s one of his favourites to use while I’m in the kitchen cleaning and/or cooking)
  2. A small book shelf that he empties of all it’s books and carries it from his bedroom to the lounge and uses as a stool
  3. The Cat Door – he can no longer fit out it, (besides his head) but he likes to stick his bum out the flap/hole and sit on the ledge
  4. His toy box – he falls into it and sits down to read a book etc
  5. Tiny Random box – I’m so sure this boy thinks he is a cat at times! (other things that have made him resemble a cat are: Climbing into the kitchen cupboards, climbing into the T.V. cabinet and climbing into a toy cabinet at his aunty’s house)
  6. Throwing all of the books off the top of his red shelf in his bedroom and sitting on that to read his books (never mind the little toddler arm chair I bought for him and put in his room for this purpose!) Photo below shows the little shelf he uses as a stool, and the red shelf he sits on. This photo is the only time he actually sat in this chair to read!
  7. Grandpa’s Foot (He actually lifted up Grandpa’s foot, rested it on the coffee table and then straddled it to sit on)
  8. The bottom branches of the Christmas Tree
  9. The oven door… (It was off, and he was chanting “Toast! Toast! Toast!”)img_3817
  10. The nappy bin (with the washing hamper over the top)


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