How To: Make a Christmas Advent for only $1


  1. Go to the library
  2. See that there is a book sale
  3. Buy 6 new books from said sale (6 books for $1)
  4. Get home and ask Trusty Grandpa to give Toddler a bath
  5. While Toddler in bath, look through their bookshelf
  6. Pick out 18 books (preferably books they haven’t heard for a while or never read)
  7. When Toddler in bed, wrap the 24 books up in Christmas coloured wrapping paper saved from previous years presents
  8. Put aside a Christmas book (pref the grinch who stole Christmas or another christmas book – I chose “The night before Christmas)
  9. Mix all the other books up so you don’t know which book is which (if you want to you can number the books for each day)
  10. Take one book off the pile
  11. Hide the other 23 books in own bedroom for distribution on the appropriate dates
  12. Place the first book on the coffee table for Toddler to find in the morning
  13. The other days – hide the other books in random places each day for Toddler to find 🙂

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