How To: Get a Toddler to wear Sandals


  1. Toddler loses favourite pair jandals for a week
  2. Put Toddler in gumboots or let them go barefoot
  3. Today – too hot for gumboots, but need Toddler to walk
  4. Toddler falls asleep for an afternoon nap
  5. Find a pair of sandals that Toddler has refused to wear previously
  6. Put said sandals on while Toddler sleeping
  7. Transfer Toddler to the car
  8. While out, Toddler walking for a fair bit and walking funny as sandals are a different fit than what they are used to (also they are half asleep)
  9. By end of the outing, Toddler is used to the weight and fit of sandals
  10. Get home, put shopping away
  11. Find favourite pair of jandals hidden in the pantry (in the potato bin of all places!)




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