How To: Serve “Yeast Spread Roulette”


  1. Make cereal for Toddlers breakfast
  2. Toddler takes two bites and decides they want toast
  3. Ask Toddler what they would like on the toast
  4. Toddler gets out footstool and selects Marmite, Vegemite and Bovril
  5. Get butter out of the fridge
  6. Give Toddler two pieces of bread
  7. Lift Toddler up to put them in the toaster (the bread, not the Toddler)
  8. Toddler puts bread in toaster and pushes down leaver
  9. Put Toddler down and watch them dance around the kitchen singing “Toast! Toast! TOAST!”
  10. Toast pops
  11. Collect toast and start putting spreads on
  12. Cut into squares and mix them up on the plate – yeast spread roulette!
  13. Put Toddlers second breakfast onto the table and watch as Toddler takes their time choosing
  14. Toddler takes one bite out of each piece of toast and wants no more
  15. Take dishes into the kitchen
  16. Make coffee and drink
  17. Notice that Toddler needs a nappy change
  18. Open nappy and find not only had Toddler done poos, they have also shoved a piece of toast in there
  19. Finish changing nappy and have a laugh at Toddlers own version of yeast spread roulette…

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