How To: Feed Toddler a banana


  1. Start cooking dinner
  2. Toddler wants a Banana
  3. Decide that it can’t hurt as it’s healthy
  4. Peel last Banana for Toddler
  5. Mutter under breath “I guess we’ll be taking apples to playgroup tomorrow”
  6. Toddler now wants an apple instead
  7. Try to convince Toddler to eat peeled banana
  8. Toddler still wants apple
  9. Open fridge and get apple out for Toddler
  10. Take a bite of banana
  11. Decide not to eat rest of banana
  12. Cut up banana and add pear, banana and custard yogurt in a bowl
  13. Put bowl aside for Toddlers dessert
  14. Continue cooking dinner
  15. Collect two carrots out of the fridge to cut up for dinner
  16. Stand in kitchen looking at recipe while holding carrots
  17. Toddler now wants a carrot
  18. Give Toddler one carrot and collect another from the fridge
  19. Start peeling and cutting carrots
  20. Meanwhile, Toddler is insisting Daddy and Grandpa each have a bit of his carrot
  21. Toddler comes into kitchen and wants Mummy to bite the carrot too
  22. Mis-hear Toddler and take carrot and start cutting
  23. Toddler says “NO! BITE!”
  24. Finally understand Toddler and take a bite out of carrot
  25. Give carrot back to Toddler
  26. Continue cooking dinner
  27. Toddler starts playing in the panty
  28. Ask Toddler to go back into the lounge with Daddy and Grandpa
  29. Toddler holding apple in one hand and carrot in another toddles back into lounge
  30. Finish making dinner and serve up
  31. Put smiley face in tomato sauce on Toddlers dinner
  32. Toddler smiles and says “Circle!”
  33. Halfway through dinner, it starts raining
  34. Toddler, in-between bites keeps saying “Raining!”
  35. After dinner, Daddy takes Toddler out to play in the rain and puddles
  36. Toddler has a ball, but is now tired from all the running around
  37. Give Toddler warm shower and put to bed
  38. Banana and yoghurt is forgotten in the fridge

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