How To: Feed the cat


  1. Toddler opens pantry door
  2. Usual cat food container is empty
  3. Toddler picks up new cat food box
  4. Toddler finds new bowl for cat
  5. Toddler walks around kitchen with bowl in one hand and cat food box in the other
  6. Toddler finally decides on where to put the bowl down to feed the cat (next to the washing machine)
  7. Toddler starts shaking the box to get cat food out (Box is not open)
  8. Toddler looks at box for a bit
  9. Toddler thinks about how to open the box
  10. Toddler starts shaking box more forcefully
  11. No cat food is coming out of the box
  12. Toddler looks confused
  13. Toddler shrugs shoulders
  14. Toddler puts box down on top of bowl, nods his head and walks away
  15. Did I mention – the cat is nowhere in sight?

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