How To: Wake up in your OWN bed


  1. Have a morning out with Toddler at the chemist
  2. Go food shopping with the Toddler
  3. Come home and after lunch decide to do some gardening
  4. Put Toddler to bed at 8.30pm
  5. Scratch that, put Toddler to bed at 9.30pm with a bottle of formula
  6. Stay up until 1am having a little bit of adult time (reading a favourite book you didn’t get to read during the day)
  7. Go to bed
  8. Get woken up by Hubby’s alarm for work at 5am
  9. Have a nice chat with Hubby while he gets ready for work
  10. Listen to Hubby’s car drive off
  11. Lie in bed considering whether to get up or go back to sleep
  12. Toddler wakes up
  13. Get up for the day

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