How To: Wash a Thomas Cover


  1. Change Toddlers bed
  2. Wash Thomas cover and sheets
  3. Hang up Thomas cover
  4. Toddler notices
  5. Toddler says “Hey! My Thomas! Bed!”
  6. Toddler starts tugging on Thomas cover
  7. Explain to Toddler that it needs to dry first and that they have their “Yellow Car” cover on the bed now and their monkey sheets too
  8. Toddler nods “Monkey Sheets, Yellow car!”
  9. Pick up pegs and start picking up sheets to hang up
  10. Toddler grabs corner of Thomas cover and starts running with it
  11. Stand under washing line watching Toddler spin the line round buy pulling Thomas cover
  12. Duck each time pillow cases try to smack into your head (to Toddlers delight)
  13. Tell Toddler to leave Thomas cover alone
  14. Toddler says “Thomas Dry Mum! Woo Woooo” (train sounds)
  15. Crack up laughing and get smacked in face with wet pillow cases…
  16. Continue trying to hang washing up while Toddler is trying to get the Thomas cover “dry”

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