How To: Sort out the closet


  1. Decide that today is the day for some spring cleaning
  2. Clear everything from that corner in front of the wardrobe
  3. Dump it all onto the bed to sort out
  4. Toddler comes in wants to “Help”
  5. Take Toddler outside to play and leave everything in the bedroom to sort out later
  6. Trusty Grandpa offers to look after Toddler
  7. Thank Trusty Grandpa and go back inside to sort things out
  8. Sort stuff into piles
  9. Put any clothes into the washing or away
  10. Take photo’s of things to sell on Trademe and to put on Frugal Mama
  11. Bag items and put into the garage
  12. Toddler follows into the garage and knocks over fire extinguisher
  13. Freeze for a moment to check Toddler ok and extinguisher not going to explode or go off (used to work in insurance and OH! The photo’s I remember!)
  14. Confirm and sigh in relief that extinguisher is sound and Toddler fine
  15. Usher Toddler out of the garage and lock door behind to keep Toddler out
  16. Toddler goes off and rides bike
  17. Go back inside and continue to sort things out on bed
  18. Break for dinner and bedtime routine
  19. Hubby lies down with Toddler to help settle while I sort bottle out
  20. Come back to find Hubby asleep and Toddler close to it
  21. Toddler still wants bottle
  22. Toddler downs bottle and is fast asleep alongside his Daddy
  23. Get camera and take photo to capture special moment
  24. Hubby wakes up after hearing camera click
  25. Go back into lounge and spend quality time with Hubby
  26. Return to bedroom and finish sorting out items on bed – finally get into the wardrobe
  27. Pull out clothes that are too big and don sit right
  28. Open vacuum bags and start trying on pre-pregnancy clothes
  29. Fashion show for Hubby ensues
  30. Feel pretty happy that some of my favourite clothes fit
  31. Try on 7th form ball dress for giggles
  32. Find that beside post pregnancy chest – it FITS!
  33. Grin from ear to ear and go back to show Hubby
  34. Get ready for bed
  35. Hop into bed and go to sleep really happy for a job well done

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