How To: Play with a Tunnel


  1. Get Tunnel out for Toddler
  2. Toddler Crawls through tunnel for a bit
  3. Toddler then decides to take tunnel for a walk around the house
  4. Toddler tries to park ride on toy truck in tunnel
  5. Toddler takes koala toy into tunnel
  6. Toddler crawls through tunnel and sticks head through hole “Hello Mum!”
  7. Toddler wants Mum to play with tunnel
  8. Play with Toddler and tunnel – peek-a-boo games etc
  9. Lift up tunnel and call down to Toddler
  10. Toddler tries climbing up tunnel
  11. Put tunnel down
  12. Toddler wants Mum to go through tunnel
  13. Remind Toddler that is how the hole got made in the tunnel – from Mum AND Daddy playing with the tunnel…
  14. Washing machine goes off – Toddler wants to put tunnel away
  15. Toddler grabs bag for tunnel while Mum ties it up
  16. One tie is on and Toddler wants to go through tunnel again
  17. Finish tying up tunnel and put away in bag

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