How To: Pick a Flower


  1. Toddler rides round on bike
  2. Toddler rides bike up to lavender bush
  3. Toddler picks a piece of lavender
  4. Toddler gives flower to Mum ” Here you go Mum, in hair”
  5. Put flower in own hair
  6. Toddler picks another flower – puts in his hair
  7. Toddler says “Grandpa flower”
  8. Toddler rides to another side of the lavender bush and picks a flower
  9. “Flower stuck!”
  10. Toddler pulls some more (grunting with the effort)
  11. “Flower stuck Mum!”
  12. Walk towards Toddler to help pick “stuck” flower (must be attached at the root)
  13. Toddler still pulling when suddenly…
  14. Flower comes loose in Toddlers hand and Toddler flies backwards over his bike – landing on his tummy, facing the opposite direction!
  15. Toddler lying on ground with his hands up in the air “Oh Dear! I’m ok, Alright” (crying a little in shock)
  16. Try not to giggle and come to Toddler “Yes, you’re ok – you’re alright”
  17. Pick Toddler up and give a hug
  18. Toddler hops back on bike and rides away (forgetting about Grandpa’s flower)




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