How To: Party it up with the Toddler until 4am


  1. Put Toddler to bed at 7.30pm
  2. Make Ham and Cheese Bagel for own dinner
  3. Eat Bagel
  4. Toddler wakes up at 8.30pm
  5. Attempt to put Toddler back to bed
  6. At 11pm tell Toddler that they can get up ONLY if they help clean up the mess in the kitchen and lounge
  7. Toddler happily agrees and gets up
  8. Sit on Toddlers bed for a moment trying to decide if this is a good idea or a bad idea
  9. Sigh and follow Toddler into kitchen
  10. Toddler has collected cat food container and is putting the cat food pile back into it (good idea…?)
  11. Collect brush and shovel and help Toddler put the cat food away
  12. When cat food away Toddler helps collect flash cards off pile on the floor (good idea…)
  13. Flash cards now picked up – time to fold the washing
  14. Three baskets full of washing need to be folded and put away
  15. Toddler starts playing with toys (be happy with this as they are in the corner playing quietly)
  16. Fold first basket – put clothes away
  17. Fold Second basket – put odd socks on a chair to sort out when folding third basket
  18. Put clothes away
  19. Come back to lounge to find Toddler on chair that has odd socks and is naked
  20. Laugh and pick Toddler up – Tell them that they need to be wearing their pjs
  21. Upon picking Toddler up discover that the whole chair and socks are wet…
  22. Realise that Toddler stripped off clean nappy and peed on the chair (bad idea…)
  23. Feel torn between telling Toddler off for peeing on the chair and telling him accidents are ok
  24. End up telling Toddler “Accidents are ok, but this is just being silly”
  25. Put fresh nappy and pjs on Toddler
  26. Collect peed on socks and put them into the washing machine
  27. Mop up pee on the chair (it’s leather, so easier to clean)
  28. Fold up washing from third basket – put odd socks in hot-water cupboard to wait for when matching peed on socks have been washed
  29. Come back to lounge to spot Toddler carrying freshly folded and clean underwear into the laundry
  30. Catch up with Toddler just as they put the clean underwear into the washing machine (on top of the peed on socks)
  31. Stand there staring at Toddler and washing machine with eyes wide open realising that perhaps should have persevered with putting Toddler back to bed, because at least you’d have some clean undies…
  32. Toddler smiles and says “I help!”
  33. Sigh and thank Toddler for “Helping” but explain to them that the undies were dry and clean and needed to be put away – not back into the washing machine
  34. Toddler then tries to take undies out of washing machine to put away
  35. Realise mistake – explain to Toddler that now they are in the washing machine, they need to be washed again
  36. Toddler wants to turn the washing machine on
  37. Ask Toddler to get his washing basket from his room (might as well do a full load)
  38. Put washing in machine and pick Toddler up
  39. Toddler want’s monkey to turn the machine on
  40. Put Toddler down to collect monkey
  41. Pick Toddler up with monkey and show monkey what buttons to push
  42. Monkey turns on the washing machine
  43. Go back out to lounge and sit down for a cuddle with Toddler and monkey – hoping that Toddler might want to fall asleep
  44. After a little cuddle, Toddler wants to get down and play with his Toys more and run around the house and jump around
  45. It is now 1am and Mummy is really tired and wants to go to bed…
  46. Pull out computer and have a check on FB to let Toddler run off some steam
  47. Wonderful Granny is online – have a chat with her (It’s 11pm where she is)
  48. Come up with idea – ask Wonderful Granny to tell Toddler to go to bed
  49. Video chat Wonderful Granny for a bit, Toddler finally looking sleepy – Wonderful Granny tells Toddler to go to bed
  50. Say goodnight to Wonderful Granny and attempt to put Toddler back to bed
  51. Toddler not interested and wants to play with Toys again
  52. Sit down in lounge until 3.30am reading a book while Toddler plays with toys
  53. Toddler grabs monkey and starts to suck thumb
  54. Make bottle and take Toddler to bed
  55. Read three books and sing/yawn out a few songs
  56. Toddler finishes bottle and gets out of bed
  57. Sit on Toddlers bed and watch him walk outside the bedroom door
  58. Follow Toddler into own bedroom
  59. Toddler jumps up onto bed and falls asleep on Hubby’s side of bed (he was out of town for work)
  60. Stand there looking at sleeping Toddler too tired to even think about trying to put him back in his own bed
  61. Turn off the lights and close the hallway doors (so if Toddler wakes up before you, they can’t get up to mischief in the now clean lounge and kitchen)
  62. Fall asleep just after 4am

Next day:

  1. Wake at 8.30am (WHY????)
  2. Decide to get up and have breakfast before waking Toddler up (need to keep them in some form of a routine)
  3. Finish breakfast and second coffee when Toddler wakes up crying
  4. Walk into bedroom
  5. Find that Toddler has woken up with a rash and a high temp (well, that explains the unsettled night before!)
  6. Check rash to make sure it blanches (it does, so not too serious)
  7. Give Toddler pamol – ring Dental Nurse and reschedule Toddler’s 1st Dental appointment
  8. Call Dr. and book appointment – only one available is in the afternoon
  9. Look at Toddler and retake temp – it has gone down a little bit, so should be fine until the afternoon
  10. Try to give Toddler breakfast
  11. Toddler will only eat a musley bar and have a bottle
  12. Put Fireman Sam on for Toddler while getting dressed
  13. Phone rings – it’s one of the specialist from the day before
  14. Check on Toddler – Toddler happy watching Fireman Sam
  15. Start talking to specialist about own health
  16. Hear Toddler cough and sneeze
  17. Check on Toddler
  18. Toddler has now thrown up on self
  19. Tell specialist need to go to help Toddler
  20. Clean Toddler up (thankfully the vomit is only on pjs and not the couch – miraculously monkey has come out unscathed)
  21. Put Toddler in jeans and button up shirt (for easy cleaning incase he’s sick again)
  22. Toddler wants to watch more Fireman Sam
  23. Put new DVD on, give Toddler water to drink
  24. Call specialist back and finish conversation
  25. Trusty Grandpa come home
  26. Toddler now full of energy – if no rash, wouldn’t have thought they were sick
  27. Toddler runs outside and hangs out with Grandpa
  28. Comes inside and eats fruit salad for lunch (and keeps it down!)
  29. Give Toddler another dose of pamol (temp is starting to rise again – it’s at 38*C)
  30. Take Toddler to Dr’s
  31. Dr’s is running late
  32. Toddler doesn’t want to play with toys, only sit on knee and drink water
  33. Toddler really starting to burn up
  34. Ask receptionist for a cool cloth or something to cool Toddler down (already stripped off a few clothes)
  35. Receptionist takes us to nurse who takes down details and checks Toddlers Temp (39*C)
  36. Dr comes in ask’s if Toddler getting a shot (eh?)
  37. Take Toddler into Dr’s office for actual appointment
  38. Dr checks him over – confirms that the rash blanches, checks ears, they are ok
  39. Dr checks temp (40*C)
  40. Dr tells to keep eye on Toddler and keep fluids up (normal stuff – if temp doesn’t go down after more pamol and ibuprofen then take to A&E)
  41. Dr sends us home with notes incase Toddler gets worse
  42. Get home, give Toddler pamol and ibuprofen
  43. Put Toddler to bed with cool cloth on forehead
  44. Daddy now home, so he’s on Toddler watch while Mummy heads to bed for own nap
  45. Spend next two days looking after sick Toddler who goes from one extreme to the next (high temp and cuddly then normal temp and bouncing round the house)

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