How To: Make a Toasted Sandwich (According to the Toddler)


  1. Toddler goes into pantry while Mummy is having a morning coffee
  2. Bangs around in there for a bit
  3. Toddler comes out with Toasted Sandwich maker in hands
  4. Mummy follows Toddler into lounge
  5. Toddler walks over to toy truck and places toasted sandwich maker on back of the truck
  6. Toddler stands over the toasted sandwich maker with hands on hips
  7. Mummy asks Toddler what they are doing
  8. Toddler picks cord up and points to the power point “In there – I’m cooking!”
  9. Take toasted sandwich maker off Toddler and put back in pantry on a higher shelf
  10. Tell Toddler we’ll have toasted sandwiches for lunch later and that only Mummy and Daddy can use the toasted sandwich maker
  11. Toddler satisfied with this, nods and goes and plays with toys until lunchtime
  12. Lunch time come around and Toddler doesn’t want a toasted sandwich for lunch – has cheese, mandarin and a musley bar instead




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