How To: Keep a Toddler in their own bed

Have a nightly routine sorted that consists of:

  1. Dinner approximately 5.30pm
  2. Bathtime
  3. Say goodnight to everyone
  4. 3 books of Toddlers choice read – each read more quietly then the last
  5. Tell them Goodnight Moon
  6. Turn light off at the “Goodnight Light” Part
  7. Sing Alphabet through once
  8. Recite the phonetics of the alphabet – different theme each week
  9. Sing There was an old lady who swallowed a fly
  10. If Toddler not asleep yet, sing The Flying Fortress and/or This old man
  11. Toddler usually in bed asleep by 7.30-8pm

Then, when Toddler is sick with a head cold – the routine goes out the window on some nights… but try to stick with routine as much as possible, however other nights will be like last night:

  1. Have a fun filled day of adventures
  2. Mummy’s back is sore, so go to bed for a rest
  3. Leave Toddler with Daddy
  4. Get up and realise it’s 6pm – well after normal dinner time
  5. Go into lounge and find Hubby in lounge asleep on couch (He has long days starting at 5am – so is usually exhausted at this time of night)
  6. No Toddler in sight
  7. In own half-asleep state – wake Hubby up and ask where Toddler is
  8. Toddler comes running into lounge holding wooden spoon “Here I am”
  9. Walk into kitchen and find pantry doors open with pots and pans on the floor
  10. Find Toddler at feet “I’m Cooking!”
  11. Sigh in relief that Toddler must have just started cooking so there wasn’t food everywhere…
  12. Thank Toddler for starting dinner
  13. Pick up pots and pans off the floor, put away ones not needed, set others on stove
  14. Cook Mac n Cheese for dinner – burning self with hot water splashes in the process
  15. Eat dinner and notice Toddler struggling to stay awake
  16. Finish dinner and clean up Toddler
  17. Hubby carries Toddler to bed who’s falling asleep in his arms
  18. Toddler mumbles “Bottle”
  19. Sort bottle out
  20. Toddler drinks bottle and then is right out to it
  21. Kiss Toddler goodnight and go out into the lounge to enjoy an evening of scrapbooking
  22. Go to bed about midnight (as got lost in the craftiness of it all)
  23. Get woken up by Toddler crying and coming into bedroom
  24. Try put Toddler back to bed
  25. Toddler points to bedroom door – wants to sleep in Mummy and Daddy’s bed tonight
  26. Tell Toddler they have to be quiet if they sleep in the big bed
  27. Toddler is quiet and nods
  28. Go back to bed with Toddler
  29. Lie in bed waiting for Toddler to go to sleep
  30. Once Toddler is asleep put back in own bed
  31. Go back to own bed and start to drift off
  32. Toddler wakes up again
  33. Give Toddler bottle
  34. Toddler drinks bottle and goes to sleep
  35. Take empty bottle to kitchen
  36. Just get back into bed and Toddler wakes up
  37. Go into Toddlers room
  38. Hop into bed with Toddler
  39. Go to sleep until 4am when woken by sore back
  40. Get up take painkillers and go back to own bed
  41. Hubby’s alarm goes off – he leaves for work
  42. Toddler wakes up as Hubby’s car drives off
  43. Put Toddler on Hubby’s side of bed and both go back to sleep until 8am

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