How To: Have a Toddler “Shh” you


  1. Toddler goes into bedroom
  2. Hear Toddler giggling then quiet
  3. Go to investigate why Toddler is quiet
  4. Find Toddler has climbed up onto window sill looking outside
  5. Clear throat while walking towards Toddler (don’t want to startle them off the sill)
  6. Toddler ignores you
  7. Clap hands
  8. Toddler looks at you and put his finger to his lips “Shh”
  9. Toddler turns back to window and continues to look outside
  10. Crack up laughing and take Toddler off window sill
  11. Remind Toddler we don’t climb or stand on the window sill
  12. Spend rest of day thinking about ways to discourage Toddler from climbing certain things

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