How To: Go Food Shopping with the Toddler


  1. Pull up to supermarket and park next to trolley bay (easier at the end of shopping to unload and leave)
  2. Open Door for Toddler and undo their seatbelt
  3. Toddler says “Jump!”
  4. Hold onto Toddler’s hand and say “Woah!” as they jump out of the car
  5. Toddler smiles and says “Yay! Jump!”
  6. Get asked by trolley boy what’s wrong
  7. Reassure trolley boy that everything is ok, it was just a big jump for the Toddler
  8. Say bye to trolley boy and tell Toddler to look for cars – then as no cars, cross the road
  9. Tell Toddler they were so good with holding Mummy’s hand
  10. Walk with Toddler to trolley garage and ask them to pick a trolley
  11. Toddler wants the baby seat trolley
  12. Explain to Toddler that the baby seats need to be left for the little babies – point of the other trolleys that he can pick out
  13. Toddler chooses another trolley and says “RED!”
  14. Notice that the seat belt is red and praise Toddler “Yes! it’s red, well done darling”
  15. Buckle Toddler in and go into the supermarket
  16. Go through the fruit and vegetable area and stop next to the basket that says “Free Fruit for Kids” (this is an awesome idea BTW – well done Countdown!)
  17. Ask Toddler if they would like a Banana, an Apple or a Mandarin
  18. Toddler points to the mandarin and says “MAN! Man-din”
  19. Pick mandarin up, collect a plastic bag for the skin and unwanted pieces and give to Toddler
  20. Toddler tries to open the mandarin but the skin is a bit tough on this one – offer to open instead
  21. Toddler passes mandarin over and you open it for them
  22. Hand it back and Toddler holds onto the mandarin for a while are you go around the supermarket
  23. As going down each aisle, tell Toddler the different things that you need that are on the list – Toddler points out where each item is
  24. Get to the bread aisle and collect burger buns for dinner that night (chicken burgers) and go to the gluten free rack and discover that there are no gluten free burger buns
  25. Decide to grab gluten free wraps and have those instead of a burger
  26. Get to the frozen chicken aisle and discover that there is no gluten free chicken patties or tenders
  27. While searching the freezers for something that you can eat that won’t break the bank, you sense Toddler stand up
  28. Turn round in time to catch Toddler standing up on the seat in the trolley
  29. Toddler looks at you and says “Jump!”
  30. Grab Toddler round the waist and ask them quietly to sit down in the seat
  31. Toddler listens and sits down – says “seat belt?”
  32. Collect seat belt and put it back on – notice that it is broken (plastic is snapped in the clip where it wasn’t before)
  33. Thank Toddler for sitting down when you asked them to and go back to looking for alternative for dinner
  34. Settle on Gluten free chicken nuggets for self and Toddler, and regular Chicken cordon blur (however you spell it – I’m shattered and ready for my bed, spelling is the least of my worries at the moment) for Hubby and Trusty Grandpa
  35. See Toddler trying to get out again
  36. Put chicken boxes in the trolley and start talking to Toddler
  37. Toddler grabbs zip of hoodie and unzips it saying “ZZZZZip”
  38. Praise Toddler “Yes, Zip! Well Done”
  39. Toddler then tries to pull down top and put hand into bra…
  40. Step back and tell Toddler “Nope, there is nothing for you there”
  41. Toddler giggles and zips hoodie back up
  42. Get to check out and wait inline
  43. Toddler sees a box next to the check out with hot wheels cars in it
  44. Toddler wants cars
  45. Consider that they would make a great stocking stuffer IF you can manage to get Toddler not to open them before getting home and IF you can get Toddler to forget that they were in the shopping
  46. Decide to allow Toddler to pick two cars out of the box – Toddler happily picks the cars and puts them on the counter
  47. Cashier helpfully puts the cars into separate bag for Toddler (think to self, that Toddler won’t want to let the bag go now!)
  48. Receipt is printed – Toddler grabs it and puts it into his bag with his cars
  49. Pack the rest of the bags into the trolley and head back to car
  50. Get to car and put the bags into the boot
  51. Close boot and get ready to put Toddler into car
  52. Toddler is upset – you didn’t put HIS bag into the boot with the rest of them
  53. Smile and take Toddlers bag off him and put it into the boot
  54. Lift Toddler out of the trolley and help him put it into the trolley bay
  55. Open car door and let Toddler climb into the car by himself
  56. Help Toddler buckle their seat belt and get into the drivers seat
  57. Call Hubby and ask them to put the oven on, so it’s ready to put dinner in as soon as we get home
  58. Turn the car on, Toddler yells “MUM!”
  59. Turn round and look at Toddler “What’s up Buddy?”
  60. Toddler points to own seat belt (haven’t put it on yet, was just about to) “Seatbelt”
  61. Smile and praise Toddler “Oh! Thank you for reminding me!” (Note: I don’t forget to put my seatbelt on, I always wear it – I’m glad that he’s learnt that it’s a “must-do” when it comes to driving cars)
  62. Get home, close the gates and let Toddler out of the car
  63. Toddler runs right inside (forgetting about his “shopping bag”!)
  64. Grab a handful of bag and walk them inside
  65. Put most of them down and grab Toddlers shopping bag
  66. Peek into the lounge and see Toddler talking to Trusty Grandpa
  67. Sneak down into bedroom with Toddlers shopping bag and hide it in the Christmas stocking box
  68. Smile to self and start cooking dinner




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