How To: Get your Toddler to communicate how they hurt themselves


  1. Start cooking dinner
  2. Toddler comes up and asks for a hug
  3. Pick Toddler up and show them what you are doing
  4. Explain how things are going in the pot
  5. Give them a tight squeeze and put them down
  6. Toddler runs off into the lounge to play with toys
  7. Continue cooking
  8. Toddler comes in with your floppy summer hat on
  9. Give Toddler hug and tell them how good they look in Mummy’s hat
  10. Toddler goes back into lounge to play with toys
  11. Continue cooking
  12. Toddler comes back in and starts “dancing” (his dancing is mainly spinning around)
  13. Pick Toddler up and do a little dance with him
  14. Put Toddler down and ask him to go into the lounge with Trusty Grandpa
  15. Toddler runs away towards lounge
  16. Start getting ready to pour boiling water out of pasta pot
  17. Hear Toddler cry
  18. Turn round and open arms for a hug with Toddler
  19. Ask Toddler “What happened? Can you show me?”
  20. Toddler lets go and walks to corner of the kitchen and stands next to the shelves near the door to the lounge
  21. Toddler slowly walks up to shelves and in slow motion spins around next to them demonstrating how the knocked their shoulder
  22. Give Toddler another hug and say “Ouch! That would have hurt, well done for showing me!”
  23. Kiss Toddlers shoulder and feel very proud of this excellent exchange of communication
  24. Finish cooking dinner




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