How To: Get Toddler to Sleep (with the snap of your fingers!)


  1. Decide to take a different approach then the previous night for getting Toddler to bed
  2. Let Toddler know that they can stay up a little later if they sit down quietly with Mummy for cuddles
  3. Toddler happy to oblige
  4. Collect clean nappy and PJ’s from bedroom and tell Toddler we’re getting changed in the lounge
  5. Toddler walks into bedroom and comes out with change mat
  6. Toddler puts change mat down in front of Mummy and lies down with his legs up
  7. Change Toddler into new nappy and PJ’s
  8. Make bottle
  9. Toddler drinks half and then snuggles in
  10. Put bottle aside and gaze into Toddlers eyes
  11. Smile at Toddler
  12. Toddler smiles back
  13. *Snap fingers*
  14. Toddler closes eyes and falls asleep (I kid you not!)
  15. Look down at Toddler in disbelief
  16. Cuddle Toddler for a little longer then transfer them into their bed (Toddler does not wake up during this time)
  17. Spend the rest of the night thinking perhaps you’ve developed magical powers over night and now have the super powers to make children fall asleep with the click of your fingers
  18. Fantasise  about possibly turning this into a profitable venture…
  19. Brainstorm business names “Super Snapper” “Snapping Mummy” “Clickety Clack”
  20. Realise that the names sound like you are either a large fish, an angry Mum or a traveling train…
  21. Decide against starting a business up for this one time fluke (until at least you’ve tested it out with a little more practice)




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