How To: Get Monkey from the footwell


  1. Toddler kicks off shoes and socks and throw Monkey down into the footwell to keep them company
  2. Toddler sits in the car quietly until on the motorway in peak hour traffic
  3. Toddler calls out and says “Monkey!”
  4. Look around, spot Monkey in the footwell
  5. Put right hand behind seat and try to pick up Monkey (Grandpa is driving)
  6. Can’t reach Monkey, so try using left hand to pick him up
  7. Somehow wedge thumb somewhere within the seat, bending back the nail
  8. Quickly pull thumb back and put into mouth (it really hurt!)
  9. Pull thumb out of mouth and inspect the damage – no blood but has the start of a bruise
  10. Tell Toddler “Sorry Buddy, you’ll have to wait until we’re home (there is no safe place to pull over)
  11. Toddler gets upset and yells “MONKEY!”
  12. Spend next ten minutes trying to calm and distract Toddler
  13. Stop talking and hope that Toddler will calm themselves down (or fall asleep)
  14. Black Eyed Peas “I got a feeling” comes on the radio
  15. “Let’s do it, let’s do it, let’s do it and do it…” is sung by the Black Eyed Peas
  16. Toddler is still crying – stops for a moment and listens to the radio
  17. Toddler calls out “NO! Don’t do it!” over and over again while the song is on
  18. By the end of the song, able to move car off the motorway and pull over
  19. Get out the car and pick up Monkey
  20. Give Monkey to Toddler and get rewarded by a beaming smile “Monkey”
  21. Carry on driving home with a quiet, content Toddler in the back




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