How To: Get a little weeding done in the garden with the Toddler


  1. Play outside with the Toddler for a bit
  2. Follow him on his bike around the front of the house
  3. Watch Toddler for a bit and have a quick peek at the garden
  4. Think about it for a sec on where to start
  5. Decide to do a little bit of weeding
  6. Ask Trusty Grandpa to keep an eye on Toddler while you change (current clothes are NOT the type to do some weeding in)
  7. Put on an old dark coloured t-shirt and jean shorts that were bought last Christmas
  8. Notice that the jean shorts are very baggy and almost falling off
  9. Happily note to self that new jean shorts for this summer will need to be bought
  10. Go outside, grab gloves from the garage and put them on
  11. Pick Toddler up (who has been drawing on the house with chalk with Trusty Grandpa’s encouragement – brick house = lots of fun!)
  12. Put Toddler and chalk into wheelbarrow and take them around the front of the house
  13. Set wheelbarrow down and extract Toddler
  14. Encourage Toddler to use chalk on driveway
  15. Toddler decides to use chalk on the fence instead
  16. Shrug shoulders and start weeding front garden
  17. Toddler runs around for a bit and comes over to “help” with the weeding
  18. Point the grass/weeds out to Toddler to pull and continue weeding
  19. Toddler squeals – he has found Mr. Darcy (the cat)
  20. Smile and laugh as the cat eludes Toddler and goes to hide in the lavender bush
  21. Toddler spends next ten minutes looking for Mr. Darcy before giving up
  22. Toddler runs up to a swan plant and starts trying to pull it out
  23. Be thankful that it is a large swan plant and tell Toddler to stop – as it is not a weed
  24. Toddler leaves it alone and goes over to other side of the garden to inspect the neighbours new fence
  25. Toddler picks up something off the ground – it’s a used coffee cup
  26. Call Toddler over and ask them to put it in the wheelbarrow (must have been left by the builders)
  27. Toddler puts it into the wheelbarrow and goes to play with chalk again
  28. Mentally sigh in relief that Toddler didn’t try drinking from the cup and continue weeding
  29. Toddler comes back and puts chalk into Mummy’s pocket for safe keeping
  30. Toddler goes and grabs bike and rides round for a bit
  31. Toddler rides up to lavender bush and finds Mr. Darcy
  32. Toddler manages to catch Mr. Darcy this time
  33. Stop weeding and save Mr. Darcy from Toddler
  34. Toddler climbs into wheelbarrow and sits down
  35. Toddler points ahead and says “PUSH!”
  36. Stand up pick up the wheelbarrow handles and give Toddler a ride around the garden
  37. Take Toddler out – dump weeds onto the garden rubbish heap and throw coffee cup into rubbish bin
  38. Look at the sky and see that its about to rain
  39. Put gloves away and wash hands
  40. Bring in dry washing and coax Toddler back inside
  41. Sit down for some afternoon tea with the Toddler and feel good about getting a little bit of gardening done while spending time with the Toddler 🙂

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