How To: Find a “gift”from your Toddler


  1. Sit on the couch having breakfast
  2. Toddler hides behind couch and plays with his cars
  3. Toddler comes back and hands you his nappy
  4. Ask Toddler if they need to use the potty
  5. Toddler shakes their head
  6. Toddler points to nappy and says “Wees”
  7. On closer inspection of nappy find that it does indeed have wees in it
  8. Praise Toddler for letting you know
  9. Quickly grab a pull up and put it on Toddler
  10. Take Toddler to wash hands – wash own hands too
  11. Finish breakfast and take dishes into the kitchen
  12. Look out window and realise the guest you were expecting has turned up early
  13. Go find keys and walk to front door to unlock
  14. Find a nice fist sized “gift” sitting on the rug between the back of the couch and front door
  15. Pick up gift with toilet paper and flush down the toilet
  16. Clean up spot where gift was (didn’t leave any additional mess, but just incase)
  17. Wonder how on earth Toddler managed to pass such a decent sized gift…
  18. Open front door and welcome guest
  19. Tell guest you need to change Toddlers nappy
  20. Take Toddler to bedroom to check that area and clean it up better (was actually clean and haven’t discovered any additional “gifts” anywhere since…)
  21. Wash hands and Toddlers hands again for good measure
  22. Offer guest coffee and sit down for a catch up



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