How To: Eat a Free Apple from Countdown


  1. Take Toddler to the supermarket
  2. Toddler chooses trolley we will use
  3. Walk into the supermarket and stop next to the “Free Fruit for Kids” basket
  4. Ask Toddler if they want an apple or a banana
  5. Toddler answers “Apple!”
  6. Go to pick up apple and Toddler shakes head
  7. Proceed to point to all the apples in the basket until Toddler says “Yes! Apple!”
  8. Pick up chosen apple and give to Toddler
  9. Toddler peels off the stickers and says “Rubbish!”
  10. Put stickers in the rubbish bin provided
  11. Grab plastic bag to put apple in when Toddler is finished eating apple
  12. Continue through supermarket with Toddler nibbling on the apple
  13. Get to the milk aisle and Toddler drops the apple on the floor
  14. Go to pick the apple up but an old lady whizzes by with her trolley
  15. Old lady kicks apple out from beneath her trolley
  16. A man is coming the other way – he goes over the apple with his trolley and kicks it along
  17. Another trolley comes down the aisle and to Toddlers joy they also kick the apple across the aisle
  18. Apple then lands at the feet of another child
  19. Toddler yells out “APPLE!”
  20. Other child kicks the apple towards us
  21. Pick up apple off the floor and put into plastic bag
  22. Toddler wants apple
  23. Explain to Toddler that they can’t have the apple as it fell on the floor – put it in the main part of the trolley to throw in the bin at the door later
  24. Old man walks past and says “the floor won’t have too many germs on it, let him have the apple”
  25. Try not to roll eyes and explain to old man that the apple not only touched the floor, but other peoples shoes while being kicked from one end of the aisle to the other…
  26. Old man says “So? he’s a boy – he’ll be touching worst things and putting them in his mouth”
  27. Give a laugh and politely thank old man “This may be true, but not when I can do something about it…”
  28. Old man walks off shaking his head
  29. Shake own head and walk to check out, start putting stuff on the counter
  30. Old lady (who initially kicked the apple) is in front and looks at me and the Toddler “You didn’t give that apple back to him? It was on the floor!”
  31. Turn round and sure enough Toddler has some how (in the few seconds it took to turn back to them to put food on the counter) reached into the back of the trolley and not only picked the apple up, but pulled it out of the bag and is now eating it!
  32. Toddler then looks up and smiles “Apple!”
  33. *face palm*
  34. Ask Toddler for apple nicely and put back into plastic bag
  35. Hold onto rubbish apple and re-explain to Toddler the apple is now rubbish because it fell on the floor
  36. Pay for food and throw apple in the bin on the way out
  37. Toddler says “Bye Apple. Rubbish” and nods
  38. Have a little laugh to self, pack car, put Toddler in car seat and head home




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